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Candece Cavalieri

Mortgage Happiness Consultant

Business Development Advisor- Hamilton Home Loans

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About Me

I am The Mortgage Happiness Consultant.

Business Development Advisor for Mortgage Loan Professionals and Realtors at

Hamilton Home Loans.

 I have proven marketing strategies that have taken many Mortgage Loan Professionals and Realtor's businesses to the next level!

Looking to move to the SE Florida area. I can help educate you.

Specializing in Parkland, Weston, and Boca Raton

About Me


Your Passion


Experience You Can Trust

Team Leadership and Growth

Real Estate Guidance

Marketing Strategies


Sandra Simmonds

Candece is one of the most loving people I’ve met in this business and it reflects in her professional relationships and work ethics to help realtors grow our clientele by providing valuable information and products we can trust. She’s always prompt in pairing my buyers with the most suitable MLO in her company and she even generates promotional literature to boost my business services. I’m so happy to have been working with the Mortgage Happiness Consultant over the years because she remembers the goal is not just to get clients but to have a happy ending!

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Email:  /  Tel: 954-818-4697

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